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Available for Hire

Rabble have a select number of items available for hire at very reasonable rates.  They are all items from previous shows.

Costumes are child sizes. 

Costume Items

Six (ish) Ostrich Feather Fans, - showgirl size

25 Sparkly Tops Hats

Mortar Boards (graduation in Fame)

Rabble have the following back cloths available to hire, currently stored at the Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton. 

Please contact us for more details.

Grease - Diner (Burger Palace) 50's style

Alice Enchanted Forest

Aladdin / Joseph - Sand Dunes / Desert

Generic Cloudy Meadow

Annie - Orphanage / Schoolroom

Annie - Warbucks Mansion

Back Cloths

Jewish Hats / Spanish Hats (used in 13)

Sparkly collars used for Beauty School Drop Out  - Grease

selected baseball caps for Honk! multiple colours

New York Back Street (photo coming soon)

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