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1. Mobile phones and personal audio devices must be switched off during rehearsal.


2. No toys or games should be brought to rehearsal.


3. Sensible clothing should be worn for rehearsal, particularly footwear, e.g. jazz shoes, pumps or trainers.FOR THE SAFETY OF THE STUDENT children will not be allowed to walk around barefoot, and if any leader considers a child's apparel as unsuitable, they will be excluded from any practice for that evening's rehearsal.


4. If any student misses three rehearsals, without good reason, they will be asked to leave and their place will be given up to a student on the waiting list.


5. Deadlines must be adhered to regarding the learning of script material e.g. dialogue, song and dance.


6. We expect each student to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and show a sense of responsibility for theirown and other people's possessions and for the health and safety of everyone. Failure to do this will result in a verbal warning. If inappropriate behaviour continues, a written warning will be sent home and the student maybe asked to leave and their place given up to a student on the waiting list.


Rabble Youth Theatre asks that all students respect this code of conduct.  Rabble Leaders sign-up to a similar code of conduct.  Should there be any aspect of this code you wish to query, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How we use your information:

Rabble Youth Theatre use electronic systems to store registration details of people who submit this form.

This information is used to manage applications from potential members and the day-to-day running of the group.


This activity includes submission of details to the local council for performance licences.


Rabble Youth Theatre may also use your email address to send you information relating to rehearsals, visits and performances. We do not share or sell any information with marketing companies.